Wednesday, 4 January 2012

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I joined a group making crazy patches. We each make a block a month and post it on our blogs for other members to view. I have decided to make mine using cat materials and am calling it Crazy Cats. I got the idea from a magazine (and altered it, like I do)

I am also refusing to buy material unless i absolutely "HAVE" to. I need to reduce the stash. I found some material I seem to have far to much of. Personally it is not to my taste at all so I am assuming I was given it. I have cut twelve 12.5" squares out so i have enough for the year and will be sewing my cat materials onto them

I will be sewing all the finished squares together and backing them with polar fleece and either tying the blocks to the backing or using buttons. It is to be a Christmas gift for my granddaughter this year.

I have kind of colour co-ordinated each block and any gaps will be filled in with embelishments as I go. fairies and cats go together so there will be a few of them sprinkled in on various squares.

That's the first two done to get me started. Now off to do blocks for the other swaps I am in.

happy sewing evferyone.